Welcome to Clowns International Est 1947

The origins of Clowns International goes back to 1947 when it was known as the International Circus Clowns Club.  

In the 1940’s it was at the circus where you would most likely find a clown. Troupes of sometimes a dozen clowns were employed by the larger shows.  Each February clowns would negotiate new contracts for the coming season. However in 1947 Billy Smart, (Circus Owner)  decided to create some extra publicity for the show by arranging for his clowns to attend Joseph Grimaldi’s grave in the churchyard of St. James’s Church, Pentonville Road, London.  There they laid a wreath on the gravestone and decided to meet again the following year. A tradition that is kept alive to this day.

It was circus enthusiast Stan Bult who heard of this and as a result of the gathering he established the International Circus Clown Club. In 1978 the International Circus Clown Club became Clowns International and membership is now open to all clowns of every type.

So why not join today!

Currently members come from around the world including UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Portugal, Denmark and France to name but a few.  

76th Grimaldi Service

Is available to still be viewed

Where: https://youtu.be/R6VvBZEMi6E
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Please share with Clowns & Friends of Clowns, Family, both here and overseas.  A unique opportunity to join us virtually as we remember Joseph Grimaldi and honor our clown family members that have passed throughout the year.