Clowns International Egg Registry

Clowns International has been painting the faces of their members on eggs for over 70 years. Each one is a record of a clown’s unique identity, preserving the unwritten rule that no clown should copy another’s look.

Membership provides an opportunity to order a set of eggs of your character, one for the Clowns International Egg Collection and one for you.

The cost for the pair is £60 plus shipping costs.

New members will receive £10 off the total cost.

 You can either fill out the online form here and will receive an invoice or you can download the order form and email with required photos.

(All this information will be confidential)

 The artist requires a high-quality detailed clown picture of your face, a separate picture that includes your costume and design from the waist up and a side view of your costume. Include your eye colour.

Depending the artist may need a small sample of material if necessary and your hair details as this can be extremely helpful. She will contact you if this is needed.


Debbie, the artist, works full time and creates the eggs in her spare time. Please be patient.


If you have any questions, please contact us through our secretary at


Additionally, please join the Clowns International Facebook Members page for other events, high quality training opportunities and wonderful profiles of clowns’ past, present and future.