Meet The Committee

Deanna "Dee Dee" Hartmier

Deanna "Dee Dee" Hartmier

Committee Chairperson

Deanna is from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and has been clowning since 1995.  She was the first Canadian World Clown Association (WCA) President in 2013-2015. Honored to receive the Clown of the Year 2015, awarded Lifetime Achievement in 2020 along with numerous other awards.  She has been on the WCA Board from 2007-2020. She is a member of Clowns International, World Clown Association, Clowns of America International, Clowns Canada and many other entertainment groups. More information can be found at

Treasurer - Honorary Vice President Christopher "L.O."Stone

Once again Christopher Stone is back as the treasurer.  He has provided many years service ensuring that Clowns International is successful

Robert "Bibbledy Bob" Bowker

Public Relations Officer

aka Bibbledy Bob 54 is a full-time entertainer DJ – Radio Presenter & yes Clown – based in Tamworth Staffordshire England. As PRO it is my role to make sure CI & Clowning gets positive press whenever possible. But also, to assist you if you have occasion to deal with the press and need assistance to make sure you get a good outcome.


Norm Barnhart

Norm Barnhart

Education Officer

Norm Barnhart has traveled and taught around the world.  He has written many books, won awards.  He is a phenomenal performer. More information can be found at Norm Barnhart ( ,

Phoebe Gibson

Phoebe Gibson

Social Media Chairperson

has been the Friends of Clowns Representative, a valuable backstage manager for shows at CGUK. Phoebe is also a signatory and a trustee for the Buzz Action Foundation. She is a leader in training and a signatory for Rainbows, volunteers for the Hedgehog Trust and used to be a roadie for a small local band where she was stage manager for them.

Wendy Gibson

Wendy Gibson

Friends of Clowns -

works with the many friends that help Clowns International and provides hospitality to the members.  She is responsible for providing safe, efficient and hygienic hospitality services, maintaining outstanding presentation.

Ron "Toto" Johnson

Ron "Toto" Johnson


In 1985, at the age of 18, “Toto” graduated from the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus’ Clown College and spent the next 4 years on tour with “The Greatest Show on Earth”. “Toto” opened his company, “Colossal Clowns International”, in 1990 when he embarked on his first overseas clowning adventure. Clowning has directly or indirectly taken “Toto” to 48 states and over 20 countries (India, England, China, Monaco, Sweden, Portugal, Holland, Finland, Northern Ireland, Canada, Japan, etc) so far.

Matthew "Zaz" Indge

Social Media Facebook

has been Clowning & a member of CI for 30 years! Joining at the age 12 inspired by the Bognor Regis Clowns Conventions. I continue to spread my clown & circus fun wherever I go locally & highlights include taking part in the Svendborg Clowns festivals, many music festivals including the Glastonbury kidzfield & at the CI clowns festivals both in Butlins & later Hotham Park also helping on the organising team. Since 2013 I have produced & toured my own small, tented circus show called Circus PaZaz “little circus big fun.”

Ian Thom - Co-opted Committee Member

Ian ‘Gingernutt” Thom, has been a member of C.I.  for many years, Vice Chairman at one point, and a Committee Member for what seems forever😊

Started clowning July 1976. As a performer I’ve worked in Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Scandinavia, and will do again when it’s finally safe to do so.


David "Conk" Vaughn

Benevolent Fund Officer

I have been a member since 1997 and a Committee Members from 1999 was Membership Secretary for 10 years and on my second term of office as your Benevolent Officer. I am an Equity member, a member of another clown club and a Director of a clown charity by the name of World Wide Smiles Ltd.

The Clowns Gallery representative - Mattie Faint

Mattie has been the Curator for the Clowns Gallery for many years. More information about the Gallery can be found at: index (