A Child’s Christmas Wish

6 year old Rachel Leonard, from Northampton, had a tough request for Santa this year.

“For Mr Mudge to get better.” Mr Mudge is her favourite clown and when Rachel found out he was ill with cancer, she wrote Santa a letter with her request.

Her Mum didn’t think Santa would know Mr Mudge but Rachel was sure…  “Santa knows everyone”. Of course, when she handed the letter to Santa, he DID know Mr Mudge and forwarded the letter to him on his Facebook Page.


Rachel's Letter to Mudge

Mr Mudge is a long standing member of CLOWNS INTERNATIONAL who are helping raise funds for specialist life saving treatment. Our way of helping Rachel’s Christmas wish come true.

Make a donation direct to Mudge


You can follow Mr Mudge’s own blog here

Mr Mudge is the BEST