One of our newest Junior members had her first bookings recently, Millie is the daughter of our  PRO Rob Bowker and has decided of her own accord to start clowning after seeing how much fun her Dad has at work.

Both Rob and Millie were booked to work the parade in the Tamworth carnival on the 1st of June 2019.

Rob as some of you may know has a penchant for clown cars and he has quite the collection, Millie also has her own clown car talk about following in dad’s footsteps. 

The 1st of June was a glorious day and the crowds lined the streets to see the procession. She was nervous at first but has had some great guidance from Dee Dee and Annie Bannanie in designing her makeup, she has also had her own input in designing her own costume with the help of Heidi, so after getting into the swing of things, Millie was really excited and came into her own loving every minute of it. She’s now addicted and can’t wait to do it all again.

It’s great to hear stories of our Juniors developing a love for the art, do you have a story to share let us know at and we’ll share it

Update: since we received this news Millie has since done even more bookings at Great Yarmouth racecourse and a shopping centre, I think she’s definitely hooked.\

Photos by Ian Owen